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Gynaecology - Obstetrics Center - Mum postnatal care

In the delivery room

After the birth, you will stay for 2 hours in the birth room for close supervision. You mustn’t eat or drink.
After this time, we will serve you a meal or a snack.

In the maternity unit

You will then be transferred to your room in the postnatal ward on the 2nd or 3rd floor of our maternity unit or in another unit if there isn’t any room available.

During your stay, the obstetrician, the paediatrician, the midwives and the assistantpaediatric nurses will be on hand to look after you, give you advice, especially when it comes to questions around breastfeeding or episiotomy.

Your discharge

The discharge procedure usually takes place:

  • On the 3rd day for a vaginal delivery
  • On the 4th or 5th day for a C-section

Once the obstetrician and the paediatrician have decided that you could be discharged, you can be discharged, with your agreement any day of the week, usually in the morning between 9am-12am.

Under certain circumstances an early discharge is possible.
Mention it to your consultant in the 3rd term of pregnancy.

The length of your stay may be extended if you or your child needs supervision, or if you don’t feel ready to go home.

We will give you all the prescriptions you need and your child needs, before you leave the maternity hospital.

Discharge procedure

Before you leave, you must go to our secretary in order to:

  • Get a prescription, if one has been made.
  • Make an appointment for the post-natal visit, if it is meant to take place at the hospital (it has to be booked after 6-8weeks).
  • Pay the supplementary fees unless you have CMU (Universal Health Insurance Coverage)

You also have to go to the bureau des sorties (Discharge office) in order to:

  • Update your records
  • Pay any payment due, as well as extra charges
  • Take an hospitalization notice to specifying the length of your stay
    Please fill in our Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire and put it in post box or give it to one of our bureau des sorties member of staff.
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