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Gynaecology - Obstetrics Center - Breast cancer

Breast cancer

Our team performs breast cancer surgery. For more details, please see the surgery chapter.

We also address you upstream and downstream of the disease.

Upstream: Assessment of breast cancer risk

We help you to know your risk of breast cancer through personalized screening.

From the age of 40, we suggest that you perform the mammorisk test: This test combines the analysis of your history, a mammogram, and a genetic saliva test (polygenic risk score). It allows you to know your individual risk, and to offer you a personalized monitoring plan for the next 5 years.
Nous vous aidons à connaître votre risque de cancer du sein grâce à un dépistage personnalisé.

Downstream: Supportive Care

Our group is part of the Institut du Sein du Grand Toulouse (ISGT). This organization helps you to coordinate your care pathway before, but especially after your cancer treatment. Laetitia MAURY, our course coordinator, consults on Tuesday, as well as Friday morning.

Our team takes care of your possible sexual difficulties after breast cancer (oncosexuality). In particular the most common, which is vaginal dryness. Our genital restoration platform offers you alternatives to hormonal treatment, contraindicated after breast cancer.

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