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Your termination of pregnancy (or abortion) must be performed before 12 weeks of pregnancy, that is to say 14 gestational weeks (the legal limit for termination of pregnancyin France).

Medical consultation

There is a mandatory consultation with the health provider of your choice: either your GP or your consultant gynaecologist.

This consultation aims at informing you about:

  • The different methods of termination of pregnancy (medical or surgical termination of pregnancy)
  • Any possible risk or side-effect relating to the abortion

At the end of this consultation you will be given an information pack.

You will be offered a counselling meeting (optional if you are an adult, mandatory if you are under-age)

Medical abortion

It can take place in hospital (short stay), or at home depending on the stage of your pregnancy and other criteria.

Surgical abortion

A surgical abortion (suction method),will be performed in hospital (short stay) under general anaesthetic.

Pre-Anaesthetic consultation

If you are having a surgical abortion (vacuum aspiration) under general anaesthetic, a pre-anaesthetic consultation is mandatory.

You will be given an appointment with the anaesthetist after the consultation.

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