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To make an appointment

In order to avoid too long waiting times and to guide you in the best way for a first appointment, we now offer 3 dedicated addresses.

The e-mail addresses dedicated to a first pregnancy appointment, a first surgical intervention and a first infertility appointment are ONLY FOR THESE REASONS!

All other requests will not be considered.

Your request will be processed within 48 hours, in the meantime please do not multiply the requests (email, phone, Doctolib)

First appointment for Pregnancy follow up

For a first pregnancy follow up appointment, even if you have already been followed by our group, please write to us via this address

First appointment for surgery

For a first appointment for surgery, even if you have already been followed in our group, please write to us via this address

First infertility appointment

For a first monitoring infertility (doctors E Ortal, M Périneau, O Thiébaugeorges) even if you have already seen in our group, please write to us via this address

In these different cases mentioned above, you can use these email addresses. An appointment will be given to you quickly.
In the event of breast cancer, suspected or proven, you also have our dedicated SOS breast cancer telephone line: 05 67 77 52 51

Other appointments

In other cases, please use Doctolib

Doctolib is more easily accessible than our secretariat, to make your appointments. If the schedule of your usual consultant is complete, you can turn to another, because our files are common. Or you can reconnect later, because the ranges are updated regularly.

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