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05 61 77 33 66

Gynaecology - Obstetrics Center - Your arrival

When you have regular contractions (5 to 10 minutes apart) or when your waters have broken, come to the labour room, hall E, on the 2nd floor of our maternity hospital.
Tél : 05 61 77 33 00

You must bring with you :

  • Your maternity bag
  • Your maternity notes (including your blood test results and your blood ID card)
  • Your documents (ID card, carte vitale…)

Throughout labour you will be looked after by one of our midwives.
She will insert a perfusion and will do a fetal monitoring. The midwife will make sure your labour progresses smoothly and will ensure your baby is well.

Our team is there to listen to you, advise you, especially when it comes to whether you choose to have an epidural or not, the position you wish to give birth in.

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