Sixth month

My pregnancy is going well. I can still have physical activities, even if I become breathless more easily and even if I experience inconveniences such as constipation and back pain. At 6 months, my child weighs almost 1kg and measure 30 cm.
If I am susceptible to pregnancy diabetes, I will be prescribed a screening test.
If I am not taking supplements, my consultant will prescribe some iron and some vitamin D.
If I am a rhesus-negative mum and my partner is rhesus-positive,prevention will be done at 28GA.
The 3rd term ultrasound scan is planned.
If I am not seen by a doctor of the Biennaître rivegauche partnership, I must make an appointment: the care of my pregnancy must be provided by the maternity hospital where I will have my baby at least during the 3rd term.
Besides, it’s now the moment to book antenatal classes, if I wish.
I must also book my anaesthetics consultation. The anaesthetists of the hospital want to see all the mums-to-be at 8 month pregnancy.
I must register at the maternity hospital, at the Admissions office.