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You will find below 2 sheets relating to your diet.
The first one will tell you how to eat balanced meals so that you get all the nutrients your child needs ("healthy eating in Pregnancy").
The other one will tell you which precautions to take in order to limit the risk of infectious diseases such as toxoplasmosis, salmonellosis, listeriosis, and cytomegalovirus (CMV) (info:Toxo, Listeria…).

Healthy eating classes are organised in the hospital.
tél : 05 34 31 80 39


Smoking during your pregnancy always represents a risk for your child: it causes growth delays, bleeding during the 3rd term of pregnancy and premature deliveries.
There is an incentive to stop smoking whatever stage of pregnancy you are at.

A smoking cessation consultation with a midwife is offered:
- On Tuesday mornings: A.Guises - Tél 06 15 37 77 00
- On Thursday mornings: Dr R. Vienne: Dr R. Vienne - Tél 05 61 08 02 58


Alcohol during pregnancy highly increases the risk of malformations for your child.
Your aim should be: no alcohol at all during pregnancy.

Help and support to stop drinking is available.


Medicines taken during pregnancy can sometimes be dangerous.
Do not take medicines during pregnancy without your doctor’s, midwife’s or pharmacist’s advice.


If your pregnancy is normal, exercise is recommended. It contributes to your healthy pregnancy. It has to be in keeping with the stage of pregnancy you are at. Amongst highly recommended sports: hiking, swimming, cycling, gentle gymnastics and yoga. Violent sports must be banned after the first term (team sports, contact sports, aerobics, step, skiing and horse-riding). Scuba diving is not advisable.

Sex during pregnancy

If you have a normal pregnancy, you can have sex throughout your pregnancy.

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