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Gynaecology - Obstetrics Center - Further tests

Obstetric ultrasound scans

For a normal pregnancy, there are 3 ultrasound scans planned.
Your obstetrician will let you know if further ultrasound scans are required.

When should you have your ultrasound scans done?
  • At 3 months (between 11 and 13 GA)
  • At 5 months (between 22 and 24 GA)
  • At 7 months (between 32 and 34 GA)

GA = gestational age: refers to the length of pregnancy after the first day of your last period.

Where should you have your ultrasounds done?

- In maternity hospital:
Ultrasound scans can be performed by one of the obstetricians of the team, on the second floor of our maternity hospital.

Remember contact our secretary at least 1 month in advance to make an appointment. Please bring with you your previous ultrasound scans.

- Alternatively you may decide to go to a radiology centre of your choice.

Screening for Down syndrome

We advise you to have a blood test between 11GA and 13GA6 days, to determine the risk of having a child with Down syndrome.
The biologist will carry out a combined screening test: he will use the mother’s age, together with the results of the scan and the blood test to determine the risks of the baby having Down syndrome.

If the risk is increased or if the scan reveals abnormalities, you will be offered a biopsy to analyse your child’s chromosomes: a Chorionic villus sampling (CVS) (to obtain a sample of placenta villi) or an amniocentesis (to obtain a sample of amniotic fluid).

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