During the containment period related to the Covid 19 epidemic,

Thank you for your understanding, we recommend that you respect the general prevention instructions (containment, barrier actions).
The Bien Baître Rive Gauche team.


Monday to Friday
9am to 12pm
13pm to 18pm
05 61 77 33 66

Gynaecology - Obstetrics Center - Equipment

Our birthing suite

It is located on the 2nd floor and comprises:

  • 5 pre-labour rooms
  • 6 labour and delivery rooms with a birthing bath, so the option to give birth in the water.
  • 2 dedicated operating rooms (C-sections, forceps)
  • 1 neonatal resuscitation room
  • 1 nursery

Post-delivery unit

The rooms of the post-delivery unit are situated on the 2nd and 3rd floor of our hospital.

Each room is equipped with a telephone, a television, an en-suite bathroom, a changing table, a cot and a baby bath.

If you wish to have your child photographed, a photographer is available in the hospital, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Neonatal unit

Our maternity hospital is equipped with a neonatal unit which comprises 6 neonatal beds.
The neonatal unit is on the second floor of our maternity hospital, next to the post-delivery unit.

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